The 100 Day Plan: Kickstart the journey of change in your organization

Just as important as the digital platform itself, is the methodology for how to get started with change. Based on experience from our first 40 partners in Norway and Scandinavia, we are introducing the 100-day plan.

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Four phases with close follow-up

"The 100-day plan is of great support to us. I think the fixed framework and close follow-up to important change processes like this are absolutely necessary."

- Solveig Thuseth-Berg, Department Director for Mastery and Health, district St. Hanshaugen, Oslo

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1. Mapping

Which of your employees should start by mobilizing available resources for important welfare tasks? What needs do you want to solve? Who can contribute, and where are available resources to suit the needs? We have many examples from other municipalities we can use.

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2. Planning

In this phase, you will be equipped to create magical results for the next 100 days. First, a planning meeting is held with the key resources in the collaboration. Here we agree on responsibility, volume, rules of play and we agree on a specific schedule with clear division of responsibilities. When this is done, training and technical setup are carried out so that everyone becomes confident in their role.

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3. The first 100 days

You guys are up and running! The ones responsible, pursue that daily routines are followed according to what you agreed to during the planning phase. During this phase, regular meetings are held so that routines can be evaluated, experiences shared, and problems uncovered. We will follow up on and assist you when needed. After the 100-day phase, you are equipped to run Nyby on your own.


4. Operation

From here we regularly take a pulse on your use of Nyby, and we work together to exploit the potential further. Together we create the welfare society of tomorrow.

Do you want to mobilize unutilized resources for important welfare services?

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