Sagene Senior Centre

At Sagene Senior Centre volunteering is a major resource with many people putting a tremendous amount of effort in every day.
Sagene Seniorsenter
Foto: Janina Lauritsen, Sagene avis

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Senior Centre


Sagene Senior Centre was founded in 1963 and is located in the district Sagene in Oslo. The Senior Centre is run by the National Society for Public Health and seeks out to be a place where you can participate in exciting and rewarding activities, eat good and nutritious food, have the opportunity to participate in voluntary work, and be able to get help from social workers to master a challenging everyday life .

Need for more volunteers

Robert Rinden is the head of the Sagene Senior Centre and as part of his plans, he wanted to further improve offers internally at the Senior Centre. Moreover, he wished to be connected more closely with the city district Sagene, to better be able to assist the Home Service, if for example, any of their users need a companion to the doctor. One obstacle however is to acquire enough volunteers, including the younger generation, to gain a greater range of age and accessibility.

With Nyby, we hoped to acquire more volunteers… Something we managed

- Robert Rinden, head of Sagene Senior Centre

Closer collaboration with the Home Care Service

Another challenge is the coordination regarding the Home Care Service's requests, because they can be unwieldy. You often have to go through additional parts to get an agreement between your own volunteers and the one who needs assistance. Sagene Senior Centre were therefore looking for a tool that could make it more attractive to be voluntary, while at the same time make coordination easier.

Activity calendar

They also wanted a better way of communicating with the residents at the centre and other district residents within the same target group. The goal was for them to have an up-to-date overview easily available showing which events and activities that takes place at the centre at any given time, and easily sign up.

Through the activity calendar they have created in Nyby, anyone who is interested can now see what is happening and sign up.

This is how Nyby has made it easy for Sagene Senior Centre to get more volunteers, to get closer collaboration with the Home Care Service, and to use a simple and accessible activity calendar for anyone who can benefit from their services in the city district Sagene.

How Nyby contributes

After trying out Nyby, the conclusion is that it has become much easier to involve volunteers. 17 people signed up within 24 hours after the Nyby campaign was posted on Facebook. New volunteers often stated that they signed up because it is easy to use Nyby and they just need to reply "yes" when it suits them, and never has to reply "no".

Robert talks about how it has become easy to contribute on the needs that the Home Care Service in the Sagene city district posts on behalf of users. It could be that someone needs a companion to the doctor or to a hairdresser, and now the volunteers, whom Robert has qualified to take such assignments, can easily choose them in the app.