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Direct connection makes it possible to solve important care needs in new ways with new resources
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Koordinerende Sykepleier

A lot of coordination of minor tasks?

Many people need help for simple tasks, such as a companion to the doctor, practical help or errands. There is a great potential in volunteer teams and unions, next of kin or others who can contribute. However, such efforts can be difficult to coordinate in a busy everyday situation.

“We use volunteers. We used to make phone calls, but more often than not, no one answered. With Nyby, this has become much better. One day, I published a requests and after 20 minutes a volunteer contacted me”

- Solekha Mohammed in Sagene Home Care Unit
Direct Connections

Solve more needs with less coordination

Nyby is a new digital tool that makes it easy for employees in the Health and Care Services to involve next of kin, volunteers and other resource persons who can and wish to contribute. Direct connection within a safe framework results in a much easier coordination between those who see the need and those who can contribute.

  • Make It Easy

    Showcase the needs

    With the Nyby-app it is easy and safe for workers within healthcare services to report on needs. Just as easy as sending an SMS, you can now enter needs as they occur during a workday. Next of kin or users can also post their needs themselves.

  • Enkelt Aa Bidra

    ...directly to the contributors

    The needs become visible for people that are qualified by organizations you collaborate with. Agreements can be made directly with the person who is meant to contribute, regardless of opening hours.

Full Overview

...within safe a environment set by your organization

You administrate which services are to be organized and who should be able to request what type of service. You also administrate what kind of volunteer, ideal or other types of organizations you may want to collaborate with so that trust and qualification can be met with clear role clarification.

Work routines

Adjusted to your work routines

How do we do it regarding consent, sensitive information and documentation in professional systems? Judicial guidelines formed in consultation with, among others, the Directorate of Health, ensure that communication is safe and adjusted to the work and safety routines in the healthcare services.

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The 100 Day Plan: A great start to the journey of change

Just as important as the digital platform Nyby, is the methodology for how to get started with change. Inspired by KS's benefits realization plan combined with the experience of our first 40 partners, we are introducing the 100-day plan.

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