Inclusion and labour market

Everyone has something to contribute with! Direct connection makes it possible for more people to contribute, and for more people to participate
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Lots of coordination?

The feeling of being able to contribute can mean a great deal to many. Even small contributions can provide low threshold entrance to active participation in social and working life. But whether coordinating internships, introductory programs or small assignments, it can be demanding to connect meaningful tasks with those who can contribute.

Direct Connections

Make multiple connections with less coordination

Nyby is a new type of digital tool for organizations that want to connect people. Direct connection between those who have the need and those who can contribute provides easier coordination and brand-new opportunities.

“Mostly because it is so easy to use and that it is an app you can carry with you all the time”

  • Inkludering Og Arbeid

    Connect those who have meaningful tasks

    Enter partnerships with businesses or organizations with needs that can be meaningful to someone in your organization. You can also create your own services and promote those where the needs are. You decide what kind of organizations and what services are offered so that it becomes meaningful to your members.

  • Enkelt Aa Bidra

    ...directly with those who can contribute

    The needs will be visible for those you have qualified in advance for the different types of tasks. Agreements can now be made directly with the person who are actually supposed to contribute, regardless of opening hours in your organization.

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...Within the safe environment set by your organization

You control what services are to be organized at your organization, who should be able to ask for what and who can contribute with what. You also have a complete overview of what is taking place, and you decide which other organizations you may want to collaborate with trough Nyby.

Something for your organization? Nyby is used by municipalities, home health, unemployment offices and private corporations who wish to mobilize new resources for important tasks.

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