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Being a volunteer is a great way to contribute to the society, learn something new and create new relationships. The challenge is that coordination has been demanding. Until now.

With direct links it is easier than ever to contribute what you are qualified for, when appropriate.

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Make It Easy

Get tasks directly in the app

As simple as SMS, the qualified resources only respond to the tasks they have the time and want to assist. They never have to say 'no'. Each task is individual and the volunteer does not commit to anything permanent, which gives great flexibility.

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Get more volunteers

“Never has it been easier to mobilize available resources” is recurring feedback from our partners. We call it "The New Citizenship": the resources help when they can, and never have to say 'no'. This makes it easier to become part of a volunteer network.

We hoped to get more volunteers... And got 17 new volunteers in 24 hours!

Robert Rinden, manager at Sagene Seniorsenter
Full Overview

Full overview and control of tasks

With Nyby you have complete control: overview of the premises that are set and what actually happens. You control which services to organize, who can ask for help and who can contribute.

You can also view statistics and download Excel reports, so that you have a good basis for full reports, certificates and recommendations.

Work routines

Adapted your work routines – safe and secure

What about consent, sensitive information and documentation in professional systems? No worries! Legal advisors drafted in consultation with the Directorate of Health, ensure that communication is safe and adapted to the 'work and safety routines' in healthcare.

The most important thing about Nyby for us is […] that the link is so simple that the volunteer and the user can connect without an employee being involved.

Hanne Hovde Bye, The Norwegian Cancer Society
Collaboration Tool

Collaboration in practice

Most people recognize that it takes a lot of time to coordinate cross-border collaboration. With Nyby you can both become part of the local government's resource network, like schools, kindergartens and volunteer centers – and you can build your own internally. Interact easily, safely and with a framework set by you and your partners.

Join us in creating the welfare society of tomorrow.