Volunteering and participation

Direct connections create new opportunities. Engage more people, and spend less time coordinating!
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Lots of coordination?

To many volunteering is a great way to contribute to society, learn something new and form new relationships. Whether it is to connect people, recruitment, events or collaboration with other organizations, coordination can often be demanding.

Direct Connections

Create more connections with less coordination

Nyby is a new type of digital tool for organizations that want to connect people. Direct connection between those who have the need and those of your volunteers who can actually contribute, provides easier coordination and brand-new opportunities.

The most important aspect of Nyby for us would be […] that connecting to others is so easy that a volunteer and a user can connect with one another without an employee being involved

- Hanne Hovde Bye, The Norwegian Cancer Society
Events Calendar

Make it easy to participate with event calendar

With all activities together in one place, available on the web, it is easy to orientate oneself. Notification regarding relevant activities in the app makes it easy to participate and get engaged.


Engage more people with powerful recruitment tools

With Nyby, you quickly create effective campaign sites for different target groups. You can share these on Facebook, intranet, via e-mail or where you best meet your target group.

We hoped to get more volunteers… and got 17 new volunteers in 24 hours!

- Robert Rinden, CEO at Sagene Senior Center in Oslo
Collaboration Tool

Make collaboration easy

Good initiatives often stop due to cumbersome coordination. Many use Nyby as an internal tool for their organization, but Nyby is also an interaction platform that enables direct collaboration between other clubs and associations, health and care services, employment offices and unemployment offices, next of kin and others you want to collaborate with.

  • Full Overview

    Complete overview on the web and in the app

    You control which services are to be organized, who should be able to ask for what and who should be able to contribute with what. You also get a complete overview over activities.

  • Easy Reporting

    Easy reporting

    Watch the activity in your group, see statistics and retrieve Excel reports. This way you have a good foundation for extensive reports, attestations and recommendations.

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The 100 Day Plan: A great start to the journey of change

Just as important as the digital platform Nyby, is the methodology for how to get started with change. Inspired by KS's benefits realization plan combined with the experience of our first 40 partners, we are introducing the 100-day plan.

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Something for your organization? Nyby is used by municipalities, home care, unemployment offices and private corporations who mobilize available resources for important tasks.

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