welfare society

Can we solve large societal challenges
by organizing ourselves differently?
Welcome to Nyby.

are possibilities

Nyby is a digital tool that matches resources and needs in our society. Nyby makes it easy to ask for help, and easy to contribute. For everybody. Nyby connects people.

Nyby is an app, but we like to think of it as a new way of organizing the welfare society.

Scale social impact

In Nyby, public, non-profit, voluntary and private organizations can work side by side with family members and neighbours.

Easy to ask for help from approved resources.

Easy to contribute. Contribute with what you can, when you can.


Easy to use and secure

Nyby is built around groups. A group leader can be a leader of a municipal home care service, a volunteer center, a department, a family member or other. Strong group leader involvement ensures same level of quality and security as today.


Join us and build
welfare society

Together with several development partners from the public, non-profit and voluntary sector, we have worked intensely on developing Nyby. Now, we are opening the platform to additional municipalities and organizations. We can start on a small scale. Something for your organization? Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Nordic welfare model

Digital platform power combined with the Nordic model makes it possible to keep having a well-regulated working life, financing of welfare through the community and politically regulated welfare production.

Together, we build a robust welfare society for the future. Nyby combines the best from the traditional village with the best from the Nordic welfare model.


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