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Do you see needs that could have been solved by others? Send message directly to those who can contribute.

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Make It Easy

Send message directly to those who can contribute

As simple as SMS, employees – with their work phones – publish the relevant need, which is sent as a message directly to those who can contribute. Everyone in the resource group receiving the message are qualified by organizations you work with (eg volunteer center, unemployment office, coordinator of internships).

Work routines

Adapted your work routines – safe and secure

What about consent, sensitive information and documentation in professional systems? No worries! Legal advisors drafted in consultation with the Directorate of Health, ensure that communication is safe and adapted to the 'work and safety routines' in healthcare.

Collaboration in practice

Most people recognize that it takes a lot of time to coordinate cross-border collaboration. With Nyby you can both become part of the local government's resource network, like schools, kindergartens and volunteer centers – and you can build your own internally. Interact easily, safely and with a framework set by you and your partners.

Give your home care superpowers.