Fast-track implementation

We offer two possibilities for implementation of Nyby: The fast-track, and the 100-day plan. The fast-track implementation may be the right choice for your municipality or organisation if you have some initial thoughts on which groups you want to connect, and if you are confident that you can become self-reliant in a short er time with less follow-up from the Nyby team.

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1. We support you during the initial phase

We will send you all the material you need before getting started and support you over video to help you transition to seamless coordination of welfare services.

2. Recruit and qualify employees and citizens

Learn how to create campaigns and recruit people for your specific needs in just a few minutes. You are in full control of the qualification and approval of people in Nyby, so that the services are safe and secure for everyone involved.

3. Enable people to self-organize by using direct connections

Your employees or citizens can ask for assistance from qualified people - just as easily as sending a text message! Watch the video to see how to ask for help, and try it out yourself

4. Enable collaboration in large networks

See how Nyby enables collaboration across departments and organizations. Broad collaboration makes it possible to involve citizens, other organisations and your own employees. These large networks makes it possible to involve citizens, others organizations and your own employees

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5. Complete control over people and assignments

With Nyby you have complete control. As an administrator, you control which services you want to offer, and decide the qualification criteria and privacy settings of your groups. Additionally, you have an overview of all users and can see appointments that are made. You can also communicate directly with your members through group messages or one-to-one messaging.

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Criterias to succeed with Nyby

See which criterias the director of the achievement and health department in St. Hanshaugen municipality, Solveig Thuseth-Berg, believes are the most important

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Change management and drive with the use of a Nyby agent

To secure a successful implementation and active use of Nyby, it is often a good idea to appoint someone in the organisation the role of "Nyby agent". This person will be responsible for the implementation and progress of Nyby, by for example training employees, making sure the top management or leaders support the use of Nyby, and for planning and executing meetings. The Nyby agent will do so with support from the Nyby team

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The 100-day plan

As important as the platform itself is the methodology for implementation. Inspired by the experiences of our first 50 collaborators, the 100-day plan is a great tool to secure a successful implementation.

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