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Last Updated July 5th, 2024

1. The purpose of Nyby

Nyby is a digital service that connects resources with needs in our society. Nyby makes it easy to ask for help, and easy to contribute. For everyone. Nyby connects people.

Nyby is an app, but we like to think of it as a new way of organising the welfare society.

Resources in Nyby can be anything from volunteers, neighbours, relatives, unemployed at the Unemployment Office, employees in the municipality or employees in private, non-profit organisations. Needs can be all types of services ranging from the need of a hiking friend, help with homework, companion to the doctor, visiting friend, practical services, education, home services or private and municipal home services. The common goal is that together we will create a more inclusive and robust welfare society, which is tailored to the future.

The service is available to all public, non-profit, voluntary and private organisations that contribute to a warmer society through connecting people. All individuals in Nyby are affiliated and qualified by at least one of the organisations that use Nyby.

2. Definitions

Nyby: Nyby AS is a Norwegian limited liability company, and whose main purpose is to contribute to a warmer, more inclusive and robust welfare society tailored for the future. We are a social technology company. Feel free to read more at www.nyby.com

The service: Nyby is a platform that matches needs with offers in organisations and across organisations. The description covers the user interface, central server that processes data, and the application-specific services offered by third-party providers such as cloud services for image storage, user authentication, push notifications, SMS and email.

App: The service is offered to Users in the form of an App for mobile devices, targeted at the operating systems iOS and Android, as well as a web application.

Organisation: Public, non-profit, voluntary, or private organisation that has a cooperation agreement with Nyby. Organisations use the platform to manage their users.

User: A user could be both a Service Provider and Service Recipient. These are people who might have been invited into an organisation that has a cooperation agreement with Nyby. Their specific role and affiliation will be clearly stated in the user profile.

Party: These are users who have used the Service to make an agreement to help each other. They are referred to as Party / Parties in the transaction that is carried out.

3. Privacy Policy

Personal information is information or assessments that can be linked to an individual, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, photos. Health information is sensitive personal information about health conditions

Information linked to behavioural patterns is also considered personal information. Information about a person's actions, if and where the person moves during the day and what he / she searches for online is all considered personal information.

Our processing of personal data is subject to European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

3.1 Information registered by the user

By creating an account with us, you are obliged to provide us with correct information that is accurate, complete, and is up to date at all times.

Personal Identifiable Information needed to register as a user:

  • Name
  • Address (optional)
  • Contact information; email and phone number
  • Location

Information available to other users:

You register your personal details in the service, as long as the Organisation that sent the invitation has not already registered the details in question. You have the opportunity to register additional information.

3.2 Verification of information

The Service Provider will use services provided by third parties to authenticate the information you provide to us, and to obtain additional information relevant to the Services.

3.3 Personal settings (mobile device)

You can control settings for the app and the choices you make and which pages in the app you are on can be catalogued. To make the Service as easy to use as possible, access to some features of the mobile device is requested, such as push notifications and the like.

3.4 User Data Storage

The basic premise is that personal data should not be stored longer than necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing of the data.

The following user-related information may be stored in the Service:

Mobile number: is used as user identification in the Service, and is directly linked to the App on the User's mobile device (s).

Personal information: Residence address and contact information. Images can be uploaded by the user to create a better experience for other users, but this is optional.

Content: This is text and images the user generates when using the Service (such as requests, offers and general communication / chat with other users).

Information on technical registration when using the Service; Technical information is registered regarding the mobile device such as type of device and operating system. We use this information, amongst other things, to limit misuse of the service, to improve our services and to provide you with content tailor-made to your usage pattern (e.g. services in your local area). When you visit our Service, we use various technologies to recognise you as a user.

3.5 Securing personal information

To protect you against unauthorised access to your user account, the Service Provider may use remote services to identify which device you are using when logging in. In this context, we might send data to both your own device and the identification service to recognise you as a user, as well as receive information about any misuse of services via the device in question. The information is used to prevent unwanted activity. If the Service Provider identifies misuse of the service, we may in some cases share information related to your device and IP address with the identification service to limit the possibility of further misuse from the device, but we will not share identifiable information such as personalia or email addresses.

What the information is used for

Creating an efficient service: The main purpose of the user information listed above is to be able to facilitate an efficient platform for making connections; by finding relevant users in a group and linking demand with offers, improving and further developing associated services, including customising and improving the services, and informing you of new areas of usage.

Continuous improvement of the service: The information stored about the user will be used to improve the Service, both to find errors and to improve the customer experience. Nyby has the right to contact the user for the purpose of improving the Service, for example in the form of surveys. Participation in such surveys is voluntary.

Use of analysis tools, cookies and other technology: We collect different types of information from our users, so that we can at all times facilitate the best possible functionality. Examples of such information are which pages are visited, at what hours and which browser was used. We also use various forms of technology to recognise you as a user and to analyse data about our users. This applies to both the aggregate and the individual level.

3.6 Sharing information

Other users and other organisations that use Nyby may be presented with information such as profile picture, name, group affiliation and whether the user and the information have been approved, from other people's profile. Further information can be made available, but this will then be controlled in the form of settings in a separate profile.

We do not share personal information with third parties.

3.7 Administration of personal data

Personal information will not be stored longer than necessary to fulfil the purpose of the Service. In addition, you as a user can at any time ask us to delete information related to you as a user. Please note that if you deactivate the app, you will need to re-register all the information. If you would like your account to be permanently deleted without the possibility of recovery, log in to your account and let us know.

If you choose to deactivate your user profile, it will be quarantined for 90 days. The quarantine period is to prevent anyone from acquiring accounts illegally, or committing other illegal acts, where accounts are intentionally or unintentionally deleted by someone other than the account holder.

After the quarantine period, we delete or anonymise all your personal information from our systems with the following exceptions:

  • if the information is necessary to provide a service that you still want to have access to
  • to investigate and prevent fraud and abuse if we suspect it

3.8 Extradition in relation to offences etc.

If there is a suspicion that an offence has been committed using the Service Provider's service, the information may be disclosed to public authorities upon request.

3.9 Underage users

Underage users above the age of 13 can themselves consent to personal data being processed in the Service. Children under the age of 13 can not use Nyby without parental consent.

We assume that services requested do not violate Norwegian law, and that labour for the youth follows Norwegian law and the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority's rules.

4. Terms of use

4.1 The User

You must provide complete and correct personal information.

In cases where personal information, etc., has been filled in by the Organisation of which you are a member, you must immediately notify your contact person in the Organisation if the information provided is not correct.

You are responsible for the usercontent transferred to the Service Provider from your user account, and are obliged to ensure that your content is appropriate, legal and relevant in relation to the purpose of the service.

4.2 Content production

You must ensure that what is published in the service is appropriate, legal and relevant in relation to the purpose of the service. It is not permitted to publish content that contributes to, or encourages criminal acts, or in any other way is in violation of Norwegian law, or that violates privacy or copyright. It is forbidden to publish content in violation of anti-discrimination legislation. Content published in violation of this section must be expected to be deleted or changed without notice.

The User must have the right to dispose of resources offered through Nyby. You may not copy, distribute, publish or sell information from the Service. You have the right to all content that you publish in the Service. This includes both images and text.

4.3 Identification

The User is identified through its employer if the User uses Nyby as a tool through its employment relationship.

4.4 Service Providers Rights

It is not permitted to copy, distribute, display, publish or sell information or services made available through Nyby.

Both Nyby and the organisation the user is a member of have the right to delete or deactivate the user account at their own discretion and without any claim for any compensation.

4.5 Damage and destruction

You are responsible, and take the risk for the services and actions you agree to through the service. This includes that you must consider all matters when entering into an agreement.

Neither Nyby nor the organisation can under any circumstances be held liable for damage to property, loss of data, lost profits or any other loss or cost that may arise in relations with use of the service, or as a result of non-delivery of the service. This applies to both direct and indirect losses, and tangible as well as intangible assets. This responsibility falls solely on the parties involved and it is the responsibility of the individual parties to enter into an agreement that is in proportion to the assistance offered.

4.6 Payment and tax

Any compensation for assistance offered through the service must be organised directly between the Parties, or between the parties and the responsible organisation. Nyby is not a Party to such a settlement.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you operate in accordance with local tax rules, either by reporting tax yourself, or by being included in an organisation that handles tax reporting. To the extent that goods and services exchanged through the service trigger a tax or duty obligation, it is your sole responsibility to ensure that taxes and fees are paid.

If the tax authorities contact Nyby for information from the Service, Nyby will provide such information as long as the authorities have the legal rights to demand such.

4.7 Changes

The Service Provider reserves the right to change or replace these Terms of Use at any time. Updated terms of use will be made available on nyby.com. If the changes in the Terms of Use in the Service Provider's assessment involve a significant change in the user's rights or obligations, the changes will be made available on nyby.com 30 days before they take effect.

By continuing to use the service after the changes to the Terms of Use have been made available on nyby.com, you agree to be bound by the updated Terms of Use. If you do not accept the new terms, you must stop using the service.

5. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These terms are subject to and shall be interpreted in accordance with Norwegian law.

6. Contact Nyby

If you have questions related to Nyby, want access or want to request correction or deletion, you can contact Nyby AS at hei@nyby.no or telephone 0047 91889494.

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