The platform for resource collaboration that enables brand new opportunities

Free up time for health professionals while creating more and better services, reduce loneliness and include more people.

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Full Overview

Discover the power in direct connections

  • Easy to ask for help step1

    Easy to ask for help

    For your employees, residents, members and collaboration partners

  • Step 3 2

    Easy to contribute

    Requests appear directly in the app, with full flexibility for those contributing

  • Secure step3

    Easy to make secure connections

    Adaptable to the safety requirements of your organisation

See how collaboration between organisations and departments is made easier with Nyby

See how public and third sector organisations recruit and qualify contributors through Nyby

See how your teams and citizens can communicate directly through Nyby

One tool for all your collaboration needs

  • Members

    Complete list of your members

  • Task overview

    Easy to post in the group and to follow up on your members' tasks

  • Recruitment

    Campaign pages which are simple to create and makes it easy to recruit contributors

  • Qualification of members

    Integrated routines for accepting new members

  • Message and notification systems

    A complete messaging service which makes it easy to collaborate

  • Group messages

    Enable even closer collaboration with group messages

  • Event calendar

    With all events published on Nyby, it is easy to keep track and attend events relevant to you

  • Collaboration across different groups

    Invite other groups to collaborate to solve even more tasks

  • Shared profiles

    With shared profiles, more people can follow up the same request, for example for health care workers

  • User friendly mobile app

    The Nyby app can be used on your private phone, and is also approved for a tool on service phones

  • Reporting

    Continuous updates on the admin panel, and possibilities to export to Excel

  • A safe and secure platform

    The Nyby platform is developed in accordance with GDPR rules, and is accepted and recommended by multiple municipalities

Is Nyby the right tool for you? Nyby is used by municipalities, home care services, job training services, nonprofits and private companies that want to mobilize new resources for important tasks

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