The Collaboration Platform for Welfare Services

Nyby is a digital platform that makes it possible to connect people directly, achieving seamless cooperation between departments and organizations.

Direct Connections

Direct connections

Do you spend a lot of time connecting people who would benefit from speaking to one another? You no longer need to coordinate every request. With Nyby those who actually have the needs can communicate directly with those who can contribute, all within your organization's safe framework.

  • Make It Easy

    Easy to ask for help

    With the Nyby app it is easy and safe to report ones needs, as easy as sending an SMS. A person with a need, or others who can see the persons need, can post a request so that it becomes visible to qualified resources.

  • Enkelt Aa Bidra

    ...And easy to contribute

    When you can contribute with what you want, on your own premises, it is easy to be engaged. Qualified people are notified of new requests and can respond whenever it is convenient for them - regardless of the time of the day.

Collaboration Tool

Collaboration tool

With Nyby you can enable seamless collaboration. Connections can be set up directly between colleagues in different departments, or with qualified people in organizations you collaborate with.


Powerful recruiting tool

In Nyby you can quickly make effective campaign sites for different target groups. You can share these on Facebook, intranet, via e-mail or where you best find the target group you want to recruit.

Events Calendar

Event calendar

With all activities in one place, available on the web, it is easy to stay posted. Notification about relevant events in the app makes it easy to participate and to engage.

Group message EN

Keep in touch with your members

Nyby is more than just task management. It is also a place to talk to your members, inform and create unity. You can chat with individual members and groups of people you work with in Nyby. In addition, you can share information as a post to the entire group or some selected members.

  • Full Overview

    Administration on the web and in the app

    As a group manager you have full overview of the requests posted and can follow up when needed.

  • Easy Reporting

    Easy reporting

    Watch the activity in your group, see statistics and retrieve Excel reports.