Safety in Nyby and qualification of contributors

Nyby recommends all municipalities and organisations to put safety first by qualifying everyone that wants to contribute

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Discover the power in direct connections

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Nyby is designed so that health personnel can connect those who need help directly with qualified resource persons from ex. volunteer center, unemployment office or work training. The parties can communicate and make agreements about needs that are posted.

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Choose a qualification method that fits your purpose

There are many ways to qualify contributors, and the degree of qualification criteria depends on the nature of the requests. Some tasks needs low levels of qualification, while other tasks may require NDAs or a police record. Here are some examples of qualification methods:

- Through phone or video calls

- Checking references (Do you have mutual friends on Facebook? Can you contact previous employers, or someone that knows the person?)

- Digital signatures using ID-check

- In person interviews

- Police records

Let your collaboration partners qualify their members

Through collaboration across organisations and within different departments, it is made simple for everyone to qualify their own members. If a job training program, for example, want to help the municipality with welfare tasks, you can make the manager at the job training program responsible for qualifying their members for your services.

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Contributors without qualification must be communicated clearly

Some choose to keep their groups public so that all citizens can ask for help, and contribute, without any qualification. The municipality or organisation has the final say in privacy matters regarding their groups. If you wish to keep the group public with no qualification it is important that this is communicated clearly in each channel, so that the people asking for help know that contributors have not been qualified.

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What makes Nyby different than other social platforms, such as Facebook?

One key element is that in Nyby, all requests go directly to qualified contributors - and only to them. "Ordinary" citizens in the group cannot see each others' requests. In Nyby, the municipality creates a clear and secure boundary around the people in need of help and those wanting to contribute

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