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Enabling public sector to mobilise unutilised resources for important welfare services. At scale.

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The coronavirus: For staff/emergency preparedness in local governments and organisations

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Covid 19 campaigns

Staffing: Establish a self-organised resource pool in less than a day

Are you in a difficult situation with staffing during the COVID-19 pandemic? Nyby is a digital platform, currently being used to coordinate voluntary work to aid the efforts combating the outbreak. The platform is in use across Scandinavia and soon in other European countries to mobilise available resources to the most critical tasks.

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Organisations with available resources: Mobilise your employees in less than a day

Both businesses and municipalities have a tough time these days. Are your employees among those laid off or available for other reasons? Municipalities need help!

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Nyby erfaringer

Sharing experiences across municipalities

Many municipalities are now using Nyby as one of their strategic tools in the fight against the corona virus. We update our sites frequently. Feel free to visit this page on a regular basis to see if your municipality can learn something from other municipalities in the same situation.

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Nyby for ordinary welfare services

Nyby is a collaboration platform developed together with Norwegian municipalities since 2015, for mobilising available resources for important welfare services, within a safe framework.
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    Home care

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    Inclusion and integration

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    Job training

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    Volunteer Center

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    Collaboration made easy

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