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See how health & care professionals free up their time and get more support to the most vulnerable. By unlocking the power of their communities with Nyby.

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Nyby explained in 3 minutes

Get an introduction to Nyby, the digital collaboration platform that brings people together and solve important welfare services in a completely new way.

The Norwegian Cancer Society

"Without a tool like Nyby, we would not have been able to do this," says Hanne Hovde Bye, special advisor at the Norwegian Cancer Society, about the importance of the platform when they were to expand their help services nationally. Read and be inspired by how the Norwegian Cancer Society now organises transport services and invaluable everyday help for cancer patients throughout the country with Nyby.

Get inspired by how the Norwegian Cancer Society uses Nyby 

Melhus municipality

Everyone can contribute in one way or another. See how Melhus municipality organizes welfare service in a new way, by enabling cooperation in a large network between health services, volunteer centers, social services, refugee services, citizens in job training programs etc.

Get inspired by how Melhus uses Nyby 

A Norwegian hospital

See how health care personnel at Diakonhjemmet hospital in Norway get extra help for their most vulnerable patients. The movie is made by the Health directory in Norway in cooperation with the Pension federation.

Tynset municipality

Tynset citizen Dagrun, health care minister Øystein, and the manager of Tjønnmosenteret nursing home, Hilde talk about their experiences with using Nyby


Østre Toten municipality

As both local businesses and a large number of residents needed quick and safe assistance, Nyby became part of Østre Toten's contingency plan. The result: A "self-organized Unemployment Office", a major increase in volunteers and more help for the most vulnerable in health and care. Read the detailed reference text here.

Get inspired by how Østre Toten uses Nyby 

Everyone can contribute in one way or another!

Have you heard the story about Jan? Enabling people to contribute can benefit the local community, as well as the people contributing

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