How Melhus organises important welfare tasks in a brand new way

Melhus saw a need to rethink the organisation of welfare. In particular, they wanted to investigate how the inhabitants with problems related to drugs and mental health, could easily gain access to assignments, and thus be resources in the local community. The solution was Nyby, increased inclusion and more hands for the most vulnerable.

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It's all about thinking about society in a different way. Not as "us" and "them", but as "we".

Municipal Manager for Health and Welfare Services in Melhus, Trude Wikdahl

Watch the clip: "We have expanded lots, because the app offers so many opportunities".

See Idrettsveien Housing community resident Aron Nørstebø, Head of Unit Idrettsveien Marit Leer Øyaas, Idrettsveien Social Worker Erik Kvam Hansen, Project Manager for Welfare Technology Heidi Pallin Aaring, Head of Municipal Affairs for Health and Welfare Affairs Trude Wikdahl and Supervisor at the Unemployment Office Heidi Skorstad talk about their experience with Nyby.

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Case study: Nyby in Melhus

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Nyby mentioned in the mayor of Melhus's May 17 speech: "The Nyby app has taken off".

On Norways National Day, we were so lucky to be highlighted during Mayor of Melhus Jorid Jagtøyen's speech. Watch the clip here.

We started out in a relatively small scale with Nyby, but we have constantly expanded with more services and businesses, because the app offers so many opportunities.

Project Manager for Welfare Technology, Heidi Pallin Aaring