Municipalities share their experiences with Nyby

The experiences we receive from the municipalities that use Nyby. Feel free to visit this page on a regular basis to see if your municipality can learn something from other municipalities in the same situation.

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Korona Nyby

Experiences from Østre Toten municipality

Østre Toten uses Nyby, amongst other things, to:
- Recruit and coordinate volunteers who can help vulnerable groups in the municipality
- Recruit and coordinate health care professionals for critical support in a time of high demand
- Recruiting paid labour for the farmers in the municipality, in the absence of foreign labour

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Nyby is part of local government’s strategy

In order to have the best premise for successful implementation of a new tool, it may be wise to embed usage of Nyby in the local government’s strategy.

See examples of strategy for voluntary use in municipalities in connection with Covid-19, and how Nyby is used in this context: Hemsedal municipality and Frogn municipality.

This is how the municipality of Malvik informs its inhabitants of Nyby.

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Statement by voluntary work

Larvik municipality has created an effective, digital signature for the volunteers where they register who they are/personal information, accept a declaration of confidentiality and more.

The local governments put in writing: “This link is received by volunteers who have registered in the app after a telephone conversation with the pleasant ladies of the Norwegian Women's Sanitary Association in Larvik. We retrieve files from the form which in turn gives approval in the app. "

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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Several local governments want the volunteers to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The form is sent by message to those who have registered. See how Flekkefjord municipality does it (actually a website, but exported to PDF to be used as an example) or how Helsingborg Volunteer Center does it in Sweden.

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How to do it regarding payment when someone is shopping for others?

Hemsedal exemplifies how they do this in practice:

«Hemsedal has created a group, «Order groceries», in which stores joins (the pharmacy has its own ordering at their website) meaning residents can make direct contact with the stores. The store that takes the assignment communicate via private messaging, in the Nyby app, with the person who needs help. If employees at the store cannot deliver themselves, they place a request in the channel "Ask for help regarding home delivery from resident" (grocery and pharmacy in Hemsedal). Volunteers come and collect ready-filled grocery bags, drive off, calls when at the delivery point and leaves. The stores arrange payment of goods via mobile pay/transfer or by other means. Works super well».

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Infection control for volunteers

As a volunteer, it is especially important in these times to think about protection and infection control. The municipality of Frøya communicates this well through its volunteer page in the Nyby app:

«... Norwegian People's Aid has developed and launched an open e-learning course regarding infection prevention. The course has come quickly in place to increase the safety of volunteers who are now deployed across the country. This course is to increase the safety of you as a volunteer. Visit the link for more information and to take the e-course. https: // ... »

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Most viewed in Nyby in recent days

The local governments use Nyby for many different assignments. The most common ones are:
- Recruitment of health professionals
- Staffing
- Errands (medicines at pharmacies, groceries shopping)
- Practical help (garbage disposal, childcare)
- Assisting the Aid Center with homedelivery of equipment
- Next of kin communication

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