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Cancer can drain the body for strength. Everyday tasks can become difficult. It is common to need some extra help when one gets sick. But many find it difficult both to ask for help and to receive help. Kreftforeningens, The Norwegian Cancer Society’s, district office in Trondheim therefore offers the service “Hverdagshelpen”, The Everyday Help.
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The Norwegian Cancer Society is one of the largest user and interest organizations in Norway with over 116 000 members and 27 000 volunteers. The association is a nationwide non-profit organization for voluntary cancer work in Norway.

We managed to create offers but needed a system to coordinate them!

- Hanne Hovde Bye - Volunteer coordinator at the Norwegian Cancer Society

Kreftforeningen wanted to reach even more people, which turned out to be challenging. Hanne and her colleague had to spend a lot of time communicating tasks and assignments from new "users" to the volunteers. Everything was conducted via phone or email and a lot of coordination had to be done. There was also a need to coordinate amongst the volunteers for them to get an overview of tasks and assignments that had been done and to report back when the volunteers had been visiting. This meant that Kreftforeningen spent a lot of time organizing and administering, time which could have been used to help "users" or to better follow up the volunteers.

After a workshop session with Nyby in the spring of 2018, Hanne decided to use Nyby to simplify their workflow. Nyby was set up so that anyone who wanted help could register via a link, or download the app directly, and then post their request. This request was then sent directly to a pre-qualified volunteer who could assess if there was possible for them to take the assignment. Thus, Hanne did not have to be an unnecessary intermediary, yet confident that the request was sent to qualified volunteers.

Everything must be well-functioning, easy and safe to use. This means we must have a system like Nyby, otherwise we cannot launch nationally

- Hanne Hovde Bye

Group leaders can get an overview of all requests that comes in and follow up requests and communication if needed. When a volunteer goes somewhere for a visit, it can often be necessary to bring along another volunteer for practical reasons. You then post a request in Nyby to other volunteers who in turn can choose whether they have the capacity to get involved or not.

In this way, Nyby has made it easy to offer “Hverdagshjelpen”, Everyday Help, to many more, with less work, and with a clearer overview than before.

Something for your organization? Nyby is used by municipalities, home care, unemployment offices and private corporations who mobilize available resources for important tasks.

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