Job training: Get access to meaningful assignments through collaboration

Through Nyby, participants in job training can get meaningful assignments and practice directly in the app.

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Nyby as a tool in job training

Watch a 3-minute film and be inspired by how municipalities and job training spesialists use Nyby as a tool in job training here.

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At Idrettsveien, Nyby is an important part of the daily report, both in the morning and the afternoon. Are there assignments that are purposeful? We plan our day using Nyby.

Marit Leer Øyaas, Head of unit at Idrettsveien community
Make It Easy

Get tasks directly in the app

As simple as SMS, the qualified resources publish the relevant need, which is then sent as a message directly to those who can contribute. Everyone who receives the message is qualified by organisations you work with (eg coordinator of job training, volunteer center, the unemployment office).

Previously, we had to search for assignments, but now they are easily accessible and easy to reply to

Erik Kvam Hansen, Social worker at Idrettsveien community
Full Overview

Full overview and control of tasks

With Nyby you have complete control: overview of the premises that are set and what actually happens. You control which services to organize, who can ask for help and who can contribute.

We have a youngster who has been sidelined for a long time, been isolated at home. He agreed to join driving furniture to the junkyard. He told me that he had previously assembled furniture, so the next time I took him with me on a new assignment, assembling a bed. Today he is in job training, which is just great!

Stig Andersen, Social educator at Frisk Bris in Bamble municipality

Something for your organisation? Nyby is used by local governments, home care services, unemployment offices and private corporations who mobilise available resources for important tasks.

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