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People are possibilities: Get meaningful requests directly in the app.

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Make It Easy

Get tasks directly in the app

As simple as SMS, the qualified resources only respond to the tasks they have the time and want to assist. They never have to say 'no'. Each task is individual and the volunteer does not commit to anything permanent, which gives great flexibility.

Full Overview

Full overview and control of tasks

With Nyby you have complete control: overview of the premises that are set and what actually happens. You control which services to organize, who can ask for help and who can contribute.

Easy to connect with multiple clients

Good initiatives often stop because of demanding coordination. Nyby makes it considerably easier to interact internally in your own organization, but is also a platform that enables direct cooperation with eg. health care, the unemployment office and teachers coordinating internships.

Events Calendar

Make it easy to participate with an event calendar

With all activities in one place it is easy to orientate. Sign-up and notification of relevant activities in the app makes it easy to participate and keep in mind what is happening.

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Communication for managers

Good communication creates enthusiasm and dedication, and is a leader's most important job. At the same time, it can be time consuming to follow up that everyone has been given the same information at all times, especially across departments. With shared group chat you avoid the challenge.

Collaboration Tool

Easy membership management

You have full overview of the members of the respective groups, and can communicate seamlessly with entire groups and one-on-one.

Something for your organisation? Nyby is used by local governments, home care services, unemployment offices and private corporations who mobilise available resources for important tasks.

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