Next of kin

Did you know that the municipality can make it easier for relatives to get assistance?

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Maren og Dagrun3

Words from one relative to another

«My husband couldn't have continued to live at home without all the help we have received». Dagrun, from Tynset municipality, talks about the assistance she has gotten from people in her community through Nyby. The assistance has enabled them to continue living under the same roof.

Make It Easy

Send message directly to those who can contribute

Sending messages in Nyby is just as simple as sending a text message. As a relative, or someone close to the person with needs, you can post a request for assistance on the behalf of them in Nyby. Volunteers, whom are qualified through the municipality or volunteer centers in your community, receive your message and are able to respond to your needs directly. You can exchange details of the request and make appointments directly in Nyby.

What is great about Nyby is that I never have to say no, but I can say yes and contribute when I have the time!

Inger Frydendal, volunteer in Ullern municipality
Next in kin communication 2x

Is someone you care about living in an institution or a care home?

It can be tough to be close to someone in a care home. Unfortunately, health personnel often do not have enough time to spend sufficient time with each resident. By using Nyby, you, the resident and the employees at the institution can easily exchange pictures and text messages from your everyday lives - and everyone can see what others have sent

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Talk to others in similar situations

Use the group chat to get in touch with others in similar situations to yours, within safe boundaries.

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Stay involved through the use of the event calendar

With all events gathered in one place it's easy to keep track and attend events that are important to you and your loved ones. Registration for relevant events are found in the app, and you will be notified when new events are planned.

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