The city of Helsingborg established a digital meeting place during the corona pandemic

Read the Swedish E-health authority's description of how Helsingborg municipality has implemented Nyby within a short time space in the middle of the pandemic, benefits for various target groups, decision-making processes, interviews with SVT - Swedish National Television and more.

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- It is time to redefine the public mission from being exclusively a provider of services to also being a facilitator that allows residents to create value for each other. Nyby is a shining example of how the new sharing economy can also be used for public services.

Kalle Pettersson, Head of Development at the Social Administration in the City of Helsingborg
Johan Hammar Helsingborg

The Swedish e-Health Authority on the introduction of Nyby in Helsingborg

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It should be easy to help!

Project Manager for Municipal Micro Services at the City of Helsingborg, Johan Hammar
Kalle Pettersson Helsingborg

SVT News: Here, the residents will help each other with everyday services

- The possibilities are as great as the imagination of our inhabitants. We do not really know where this will end, says development Manager at the Social Administration in the city of Helsingborg, Kalle Pettersson.

Read the text and watch the video clip SVT News has made about Helsingborg's and Skåne's commitment to and interest in Nyby.

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