The corona eruption led to "care digitisation" in rocket speed in Østre Toten

- We wanted to prevent the experience of chaos and fear, says project manager in Østre Toten municipality, André Alves. When the pandemic was a fact in Norway as well, and a large number of inhabitants needed quick and safe assistance, Nyby became part of the contingency plan.

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Covid 19 campaigns

- With a “self-organized Unenployment Office”, qualified resources with available capacity can register in the resource pool, where e.g. the farmers outsource various paid work tasks. The parties then enter into an agreement, and that's it!

Project manager in Østre Toten municipality, André Alves
Ostre Toten

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Korona Nyby

During the first week after the corona outbreak, Østre Toten introduced a number of digital tools, not just Nyby! Read the municipality's experience sharing document here, about the introduction of, among others, Confrere, Whereby, and more.

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We immediately experienced a huge influx of people who wanted to register as volunteers - 175 new resources in one day.

Leader of the cultural unit in Østre Toten municipality, Kjersti Krageberg