The year that shocked the public sector into digitalisation

2020 has been a different year for everyone. We have put together an annual review where you can read more about how in 2020 we have worked closely with incredibly committed employees in local authorities and organisations throughout Norway. You can read about how our local authorities have made it possible to free up time for health & care workers, and get more support to those who need it in a safe and easy way - by connecting people. You can read how Nyby has been used for Covid-19 response, about how we have developed new methods for value calculation and implementation, about our first agreements in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, and why we are very much looking forward to launching a entirely new version of the product - Nyby 2.0! PS: Do you prefer Norwegian version? Click here

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Freeing up time for health & care workers

Similar to other welfare technology, Nyby was developed to free up the time for healthcare workers and to provide more assistance to the most vulnerable individuals. COVID-19 has foreshadowed the long anticipated healthcare crisis that Europe will be facing in the future – with increased pressure on our healthcare employees. We therefore find it highly encouraging to note a significant increase, during 2020, in the number of healthcare workers who were able to ask for help with errands, practical assistance, medical escorts, exercise and socialising, directly from qualified residents and volunteers on behalf of those who needed it, via the Nyby app on their work phones.

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Inclusion and loneliness

2020 has also truly put loneliness and marginalisation on the agenda. Unlike many other welfare technologies, Nyby is not a tool for replacing people, but for connecting people. What is the value of feeling useful, and the value of being able to contribute? We are making it easier to ask for help and much easier to contribute. We view people as possibilities. Watch the video in which the mayor of Melhus discusses inclusion with Nyby, or click the button below for more inspiration from a number of organisations using Nyby!

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Coronavirus emergency preparedness with Nyby

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Experience sharing that made us smarter

From the beginning in 2016, Nyby was developed through unique development partnerships with local authorities, organisations, healthcare workers and citizens. Although we launched the service in 2019, Nyby will always be a continuous learning process. From early 2020, everything has been moving at a faster pace, which has presented us with more learning loops than usual. We have learned an enormous amount from our users and partners this year.

The exchange of experiences between our partners has also gained momentum, since so many people have found themselves in the same situation, with the same sense of urgency, at the same time. Therefore, we have created group leader forums in the Nyby app and connected partners directly with one another in order to respond to various questions we could not answer on how to use the platform. We have gathered this insight in the form of e-books and have conducted several webinars. Over the next ten years, we will have to change the way in which we offer care in Europe. An environment of shared learning will then be just as important as digital solutions, as we enter unfamiliar territory together. We have been immensely inspired by all the inventiveness, creative solutions and willingness to share in order to help others. This bodes well for the future. We also greatly appreciate that engaged partners and users have taken the time to contribute, by sharing their experiences for the benefit of others in the same situation, which also helps us to improve through enhanced insight into a vast and complex field.


Partners who have made us stronger

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Social benefits and economic sustainability with Nyby

Nyby is a entirely new type of digital platform, which makes it possible for local authorities and organisations to collaborate on their resources in a completely new way, through a new workflow.

Through close cooperation with several of our existing partners, and with good help from the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities (KS), Oslo MET, PA Consulting and Sprint Consulting in 2020, we have developed a new methodology for mapping the potential for gains. We must never see people as numbers, and there are many values with the introduction of Nyby that can never be quantified. However, when it is evident that direct savings and overall value potential can be 50-100 times the cost of Nyby, it becomes easier for the customer to make decisions and use the necessary resources for implementation. We have now seen, more clearly than ever, the importance of resource collaboration in ensuring an economically sustainable health and care model for Europe towards 2030.

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Nyby from the inside

Nyby in the media

It has been incredibly inspiring to hear how local authorities and organisations speak about their use of Nyby in the media and through all channels! We also extend our sincere gratitude to all those who have invited us to give lectures, participate in panel debates in broadcasts from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, England, France ... and even on NRK's Lindmo! See news articles from 2020 here, and take inspiration from more stories from users here.

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Nyby 2.0 coming soon!

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This is just the beginning

We launched Nyby in 2019 after 3 years R&D, and there are now more than 50 local authorities and organisations using Nyby. But we are only just getting started. In 2020, we established agreements in Sweden, Denmark and Germany, which will provide important knowledge for going forward and as a basis for scaling.

We are only just getting started. Are you interested in being part of building the platform for health and care services in Europe? We have invested significant amounts of passion, sweat and love, including 3 MEUR in the development of Nyby, and we have ambitious growth plans in the years ahead. Currently, we are a team of 15, and will be building a sales and marketing team and a customer success team, and will expand our product team. Please contact us with an open application or see our announced vacancies.