The coronavirus: For staff / emergency preparedness in local governments and organisations

The authorities encourages local governments to mobilize residents and volunteers in their work against the corona outbreak. Nyby is a collaboration platform used exactly for mobilising available resources for important welfare tasks.

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The Directorate of Health encourages mobilization

Hemsedal municipality created a channel where volunteers can do homedeliveries like food and medicines, etc. to at-risk groups and people in quarantine. More than 200 people joined the group that afternoon. Great contribution to our preparedness.

Inger Lill Solberg - Health and Care Manager in Hemsedal Municipality (approx. 2500 residents)

How to mobilise residents for large-scale voluntary work, safely and easily

It has never been easier for local governments to mobilise residents and collaborators to solve important welfare tasks. Nyby is a system developed for this in mind, and are already in use in over 40 municipalities and organisations in Norway and Sweden.

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    Easy to ask for help

    For health professionals and quarantined residents. Nyby does not require training for residents, it is adapted to routines in health and care services and approved for service telephones and LMP's in several municipalities.

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    Easy to contribute

    For qualified residents and volunteers. Everyone who contributes gets qualified, securing the right person for the right task. The local government has total overview regarding who takes which assignments and what should be followed up upon.

The Nyby app is straightforward and easy to use. Since we have it on our service phones, it is easy to post the actual needs when we are together with the users.

Sara Boge Stol, nurse in Bydel St.Hanshaugen

Get going in one day

Together we take on the coronavirus with voluntary work. We will help you get started. In relation to the corona outbreak, Nyby's license is free for all voluntary organizations, associations and clubs, and for local governments the price is greatly reduced. Read more about how to get started.

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    1. We will help you with setup

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    2. Mobilise employees and residents

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    3. You are up and running!

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